When We Died - 2020

Written & Performed            Alexandra Donnachie
Directed                                    Andy Routledge
Sound Design                         Curtis Arnold-Harmer
Production Design                Froud
Movement                               Christina Fulcher
Production Photography     Ali Wright
Produced                                 Carbon Theatre

TOUCH - 2019

Concept & Artistic Direction                   Rosie Heafford
Rehearsal Director                                      Keir Patrick
Dancers                                                          Amarnah Amulundun,
                                                                          Mariana Camilotti,
                                                                          Takeshi Matsumoto,
                                                                          Michael Sherin
Sound Design & Technical Manager     Froud
Costume, Set & Lighting Design            Ben Pacey
Producer                                                        Claire Summerfield
Assistant Producer                                     Claire Cunningham

THE DRIFT - R&D - 2017

Concept & Development         Froud
Additional Sound Design        Ashley Williams
Technical Adviser                      Mike Bignell
Mentor                                          Brian Lobel

FABMAX - Research & Development - 2017

FABMAX is a MIDI to DMX lighting control system, it is an open source lighting control system that provides a very low cost, technician[less], highly expandable control system that artists can adopt into their projects to realise visually & audibly stunning technical achievements.

FABMAX was developed in tandem to a performance project called THE DRIFT, shown above.

Concept & Development                Froud & Mike Bignell